C080505 - MME 528 / 1335

C080505 - MME 528 / 1335

Postby Peter Jepsen » Fri Mar 12, 2010 11:26 am

This is a re-post from Flickr, May 2008.
The module is shown. You will need 66 bars to build it. It's the most complicated yet. If you're unsure of how to build it, start by putting aside 66 bars and if you haven't used them all when the module appears done, take a look and see what you missed..

The exercise is as follows:
• Build 8 of these (528 bars needed) and you can join them into a cube model.
• Build 20 of these (1320 bars) and you can carefully build a huge dodecahedron. When building the dodecahedron you will need 15 additional bars to build triangular pyramid 'feet' where the 5 base modules touch the table to distribute the weight right. The feet go at the center (top as seen on the photo) of the 5 modules..

For both the cube and dodecahedron, the side facing you on the photo has to face outwards when joining the modules.

DSC_6657 MME module.jpg
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