14,000+ piece collection for sale

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14,000+ piece collection for sale

Postby kiwidude » Tue Mar 27, 2012 10:30 pm

I apologise if it is not appropriate to mention the well known auction site here where I placed my collection on a few days ago, due to expire on Sunday 1st April. I am sure those of you who know how to search can find it (in case a direct link is completely out of order!).

I was only going to allow people to bid who could personally collect and hence why I didn't mention it in this forum first. I have since found out that there are companies that will collect and ship on your behalf, so if you don't live in London, UK there is still a way for you to bid. If in doubt, message me first via that site.

I would dearly love to hang onto this collection, it is all 100% genuine Geomag that for the most part not been used, just stored in containers awaiting a day to share the hobby with my nephews that sadly looks unlikely to happen. So it has been chosen as a victim of my decluttering mission this year.

I have kept a tiny fraction of pieces as a desk toy but the rest are will all be sold this weekend. Perhaps one day when I live in my own house again I can start another collection, and revisit the wonderful fun I did have briefly with this. Many thanks to all those gifted members who provided so much inspiration with your incredible models!
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Re: 14,000+ piece collection for sale

Postby Tychi » Tue Apr 03, 2012 6:18 pm

I have a smaller collection, but I can not to give it up. I left just roll my eyes :shock:
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