Geomag sale (USA)

Geomag sale (USA)

Postby Wim » Wed Mar 10, 2010 8:37 pm

I found an interesting website yesterday, and since I've already placed my orders (for all I could afford ;) ), I figured I'd share.

The site has some old stock Geomag Dekopanels on sale, and actually have a decent stock still (although I made a dent into it yesterday and a second order today).

- Dekopanels Small: $6.99 [50 in stock at the time of writing]
- Dekopanels Medium: $9.99 [71 in stock at the time of writing]
- Dekopanels Large: $14.99 [42 in stock at the time of writing]

With a flat $6.95 shipping fee and a 10% off over $50 coupon (Code: MARCHFUN2010), it's a great deal I think. Certainly the best I've been able to find for quite a while.

Dekopanel sets are the only way to obtain transparent panels nowadays, and this coming Monday FedEx will be bringing me a nice Spring Break present at work.

I was originally not going to tell anyone, but decided that the sooner it sells out, the less I'll be tempted to buy more. So this post is for my own protection :oops:.
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Re: Geomag sale (USA)

Postby musikart001 » Thu Mar 11, 2010 1:24 am

Well, I tryed, but they only ship inside USA... :(
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Re: Geomag sale (USA)

Postby aguilo » Sun Apr 18, 2010 7:23 am

Hey everyone. I recently found some Geomag Pro on eBay and there are still a few available. They do ship to the USA, but it's from the UK. I bought the Geomag Pro Colour 200 piece, but there's also the Geomag Pro Panel available too. Since the American distributor doesn't carry Geomag Pro, it's a good find. A Google search for Geomag Pro also yields another UK carrier who also seems willing to ship to the USA as well. Happy hunting :-)
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