swap two ball halves

swap two ball halves

Postby o+O » Wed Dec 14, 2011 10:44 am

Hi all,
our 1yr old got a Gbaby set as a birthday present.
The first hour or so he loved it. Building a sheep and a pig was very cool.
Then he learned red would attach to red and green to green.
The red flat would always attach to the other red flat but to only one of the red spheres, so there is always one not working.
He could not figure it out and lost interest. And I do agree with him it is a stupid concept.

It does not seem like one of the balls can be opened to change the polarity so our best call is to find a family with the same set and swap one ball so all reds would have the same polarity and all greens would have the opposite. In that way opposites would always attach, which makes much more sense.

So, is there anyone in Berlin wanting to swap two ball halves with us?
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