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Buying Geomag Pro in the UK

PostPosted: Thu Oct 13, 2011 11:18 pm
by mmhawkes
I have been trying to buy Geomag Pro in the UK with not much success. The number of sets (of the original Geomag) appearing in Ebay is getting less.
Geomag World want me to pay with a bankers order.

Amazon UK have followed their American parent and does not sell Geomag Pro. There is an extreme lack of imagination - the decision makers can only think of Geomag as a children's toy and not as an intellectually stimulating construction set.

However other branches of Amazon are not quite so squeamish, and I found that Amazon France sells Geomag Pro - and accepts payments online ( You have to pay in euros. And it helps to be able to read French.
The bonus is that your UK Amazon username and password works.

Unless other retailers start stocking Geomag Pro the product will die.

Re: Buying Geomag Pro in the UK

PostPosted: Tue Dec 13, 2011 4:23 pm
by KJT
Thanks for the tip! I looked at Amazon France and saw that all the products were imported from Germany, so I tried - I have placed an order for a 100-piece set and just hope that it's as advertised.

It's such a shame this product isn't more widely available; it's so amazingly versatile and compulsive! Years back we had a box each - yes, including me (mum) - but we lost a lot when our car was stolen and I'm desperately trying to build up the stocks again because this stuff lasts for ever.

While googling I was horrified to see GeoMag being touted as an educational item - which of course it totally is in the non-school sense - but typical teachers, they had completely ignored the magnetic properties in favour of dreary worksheets about angles!