Introducing and assesment

Introducing and assesment

Postby ricardo eliaeson » Thu Oct 21, 2010 2:17 pm

Dear friends:

I am new in this post so let me introduce me. I am Ricardo Jimenez Eliaeson , spanish , golf profesional both player and teacher.
Last year my wife bought a present for the kids,imagine what: geomag. I love it from minute 1 so here I am joining this great site.
I never post before anywhere so I hope you can forgiveme is I make mistakes.

I have to do a presentation in november and because I love Geomag , I thought it could be very interesting to do something related with Geomag. The presentation works like this:

- The presentation must be deliver in 20 minutes
- There will between 8 and 10 profesionals
- The presentation will be in power point
- The profesionals must learning by discovering
- I must create a learning outcome and I must be sure that I achieve
that outcome at the end of the presentation. I was thinking in the
benefit of a teamwork as a learning outcome
- The first 5 minutes they will do simple figures like triangle ,squares,
petagons with panels and then make in the following 10 minutes a construction where I have everybody working by their own so at the end we will assamble all the pieces to create a figure. Ideally they should´t know what we are doing.
- I was thinking in something dynamic or a golf player
- I have to be very accurate with the time.

I just wanted to expose the project to you , becouse you have more experience than me and maybe you will help me to choose the construction. Of course any other idea as a learning outcome is welcome.

Nowadays I got:

560 spheres, 972 rods, 236 triangles, 194 rhomboids, 193 squares and 78 pentagons.

Again congratulations for your greate site and I hope I can join you soon with my constructions.

I will very greatful if you can help me.

Regards to everybody
ricardo eliaeson
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Re: Introducing and assesment

Postby Peter Jepsen » Fri Oct 22, 2010 5:23 pm

Hello Ricardo and welcome.

You have enough Geomag bars to do the modular dodecahedron.
I've done this group exercise several times with both school children and adults resulting in great satisfaction for all.

Karl Horton's photo session here explains it best:
[ ... 036617101/ ]
You and your students build 20 similar modules and at the end they are all assembled into this cool dodecahedron.

The teacher builds the first module step-by-step with the students while waiting for each student to do the same, checking everything is correct. Afterwards students help each other finish the remaining modules until there are 20 in total. Then the teacher assembles all the modules into the dodecahedron.
The modules are easy enough, just the 'teacher' has to practice a few times alone before in order to feel confident while having to assemble the structure in front of everybody. :)
Total time for the whole exercise: 15-20 minutes.

Send me a private message with your email address, and I'll supply you with PDF's showing building of the module and assembly of the dodecahedron.


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Peter Jepsen
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Re: Introducing and assesment

Postby ricardo eliaeson » Fri Oct 22, 2010 7:59 pm

Hi Peter:

I tried to send you a private message, but not sure you have recieved it. tell me if you have
ricardo eliaeson
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Real name: Ricardo jimenez eliaeson

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