Two page article in Spielzeug International May 2010 issue

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Two page article in Spielzeug International May 2010 issue

Postby Administrator » Fri May 21, 2010 5:10 pm

This is a scan of the German article, english translation to come later.
Click to see full size. Even if you can't read German you might spot something interesting on page 2.

Geomag article page 1 - Spielzeug International May 2010.jpg

Geomag article page 2 - Spielzeug International May 2010.jpg
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Re: Two page article in Spielzeug International May 2010 iss

Postby Administrator » Wed Dec 01, 2010 12:44 pm

English translation.

Construction with a click -
Geomag is back

Sometimes things just click - in a double sense, because combining the Geomag magnetic elements with the metal spheres, gives off a distinct clicking sound - Almost always, this click signifies the beginning of a creative engagement with this magical construction toy.

The focus on toy safety is strong in Europe. Therefore, it was an absolute disaster for all manufacturers of magnetic toys, when reports of accidents with similar toys in America made the rounds. Almost overnight, the most successful and creative magnet based toys were rendered unsellable. Delisted by dealers and under extensive warning label rules imposed by the EU, this meant the end for the previous manufacturer. The inventor of the Geomag magnetic components refused to throw in the towel, however. In October 2008 he succeeded in creating an investment pool made up of committed investors with the goal of reviving the Geomag brand.

"Swiss Made" quality seal
From the outset the new investors took some important decisions that clearly were not misguided: The Swiss city of Novazzano near Como was chosen as the site of the new production, to ensure the continued characteristic "Swiss Made" production quality of Geomag, already worldwide known for quality and safety. Another decision was to entrust the management of the newly formed Geomagworld SA company to General Manager Filippo Gallizia. The new CEO does not come from the toy industry, but having a well founded background in industrial production he soon thoroughly understood with the help of external consultants what makes the national toy markets tick. Sales manager Nolene Brunelli is responsible for direct contact to the world of toys. To experience first hand the demands of small and large customers as well as any hurdles that Geomag retail has to overcome, Geomagworld has its own ‘experimental’ shop in the FoxTown Factory Outlet Mall in Mendrisio in Lugano. Not intended as a franchise system, the shop collects and records personal experience, soon to be expanded with a Geomagworld Internet Shop. But even here the scope is not the elimination / avoidance of sales from distributors, but to encourage it.

Surpassed expectations
Geomagworld with its "Geomag - the original" trademark has moved a lot since the start in October 2008. Currently Geomagworld employs 40 people, including 25 in the predominantly automated production facility with 20 employees added seasonally. In the first fiscal year the company reached 12 million Swiss Francs, in the best years of Geomag the number was € 30 million worldwide.
Analyzing the results of the first full fiscal year, based on past experience and current plans and expectations, CEO Gallizia and his sales manager Brunelli are confident in the current course of growth over the following years. Already after one year Geomag back on the world-wide market with distributors in over 30 countries from the U.S. to China.

Gallizia and Brunelli have a particular focus toward the German-speaking countries, a traditional "heavyweight" consumer of construction toys.
For CEO Filippo Gallizia the task of convincing German retailers to again stock Geomag takes precedence. The General Manager assures that all Geomag toys are safe and conform to all applicable safety requirements. Gallizia further emphasizes that previous accidents with magnetic toys did not involve Geomag products.

Because of the new safety regulations, the Geomag brand of magnetic toys has been further improved.
In addition to supporting the Geomag brand as the Original the goal is to emphasize the value of magnetic construction toys to both retailers and consumers as well as to retain and highlight the Geomag philosophy in development of new products.
“The promotion of creativity in children that magnetic construction toys encourage is undisputed” Gallizia says. Geomag ‘educates’ the children, ranging from the baby-Line - with light magnetic functionality – through the KIDS line to the Pro Line.

"The simplicity is the secret behind Geomag” Filippo Gallizia is convinced; “Geomag is magic and simple!"
Production of Geomag would appear a simple matter, but the "magic material" is produced and processed by special production machines custom built for the product.
Geomag has since expanded its production line, namely with Gbaby, large plastic shapes with a magnetic touch suitable for children from 10 months.
Following are the known magnetic rods that connect with the metal spheres. Thanks to new colours and panels the limits of creativity have been expanded.
Now houses and even castles can be built with Geomag. And Geomag goes even further and goes mobile – special wheels and flexible car bodies are now available and not only enable new model creations, but also provide new revenue boost.
Today Geomagworld has become the current largest buyer of toy magnets in the world. The production machinery is capable of producing 700.000 magnetic rods, a day. "Currently the production capacity is only partially utilized, we have capacity for even more" says Filippo Gallizia, clearly knowing the direction for the German Exclusive distributor Beluga, which is also responsible for the Austrian market.
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