Are you selling Geomag? Let us help your customers find you.

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Are you selling Geomag? Let us help your customers find you.

Postby Administrator » Wed May 05, 2010 5:09 pm

Are you selling Geomag? Do you have a shop, a chain of shops or an online shop where you sell Geomag?
If yes, we'd like to hear from you..

We're in the process of programming an online worldwide store locator based on Google maps to help end customers find Geomag retailers.
If you would like to be included as quickly as possible when it's operational, please drop us a line...

What to do:
Prepare a mail to with the subject "Geomag store locator"
with the following information (you can cut and paste the list below and type in your answers below each question):

* Which country are you in? (If you are in the United States, please also add your two-letter state code)
* What's the name of the store or chain of stores you're representing?
* Are you affiliated (working with or for) the store, or are you a friend who wants to do the above store a favour and have them added? (Affiliated / Friend)
* Under which name and email address may we contact you when the store locator system is ready to accept entries?

We thank you in advance, and will get in contact with you when the system is ready to accept proper store entries.

Privacy statement:
Data contained in emails sent to us regarding the Geomag store locator will not leave our company and will not be used for other purposes than contacting you regarding collection of more detailed data (precise address, telephone number etc.) for inclusion in the the Geomag store locator.

On behalf of Geomagworld SA, Switzerland. (
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