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Insert to financial publication on toy safety (italian)

PostPosted: Wed Mar 24, 2010 12:06 pm
by Administrator
The following insert on toy safety, Play Safe, was published as a printed insert to the Sole 24 H [ ] italian financial publication in December 2009.
The insert covers recent changes in toy safety regulations, including a section on magnetism.

Both the insert and the web site linked are in italian.

English automatic translation

PostPosted: Mon Apr 12, 2010 4:07 pm
by Administrator
Non-official translation to english based on, with edits for clarity by Peter Jepsen

Within the broad issue of safety of toys for our children, the magnetic construction toys deserve special attention. Born in 1999 with the invention of Geomag, the product was initially certified in accordance with then-current legislation.
Then, after a series of accidents in the U.S. due to ingestion of small magnets detached from a product of magnetic bars from Asia, specific regulations on magnetic toy safety have been issued, in Europe EN 71-1 A8 and USA ASTM F-963-08. In both cases regulations prohibit the use of magnets with a flux index exceeding 50 kiloGauss² per mm² unless the component is too large to be swallowed, passing the CAP tests.
Another point remains to be resolved: the question concerning the danger itself of the magnetic field produced by magnets. We must now distinguish between the static magnetic field and electromagnetic: only for the latter category there is a safety rule that determines maximums tolerable by humans. Indeed, studies by OMS indicate no evidence of potential harmfulness of the static magnetic field. Among the products on the market, Geomag, the best known in the industry, proves that it has all the requirements to be considered completely safe: it has a flux index of 350 and the with the new Geomag KIDS, the bar has been lengthened from 27 to 58 mm, making it perfectly within normatives. The magnetic flux measured in contact with a Geomag magnet is only 3000 Gauss, where the tolerance threshold established by law is 20,000, and even a few millimetres away the effect of the magnetic field is zero.
In addition, if a construction of Geomag rods and spheres is carried out following the basic principle of alternating North and South polarity, much of the magnetic field will be completely cancelled out.
For these reasons, the existence of dangers generated by the magnetic field of magnets used in magnetic building toys in accordance with safety regulations can be excluded. Among these products Geomag stands out for their compliance with regulations and safe manufacturing process.