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Call for stories of 'alternative' uses of Geomag

PostPosted: Fri Mar 26, 2010 12:03 pm
by Peter Jepsen
Hello All..

The Geomag company is looking for recollections and stories of Geomag being used not 'just as a toy'.
Examples could be educational uses (be it both large or small scale), medical uses (physiotherapy for instance) or just plain 'unexpected' uses or projects including Geomag.

If you yourself have an interesting story or know of someone using Geomag in an interesting way, we invite you to jot down a few words here describing the project. Both replies to this post and new topics are welcome.
The long scope is to select and author proper 'case story' articles and interviews which will be published on the Geomagworld web site.

On behalf of Geomagworld SA,

Re: Call for stories of 'alternative' uses of Geomag

PostPosted: Sat Mar 27, 2010 2:30 am
by jgnorman
I used a similar magnet to geomag to magnetize a screwdriver yesterday to help with a project I was doing(I just attached the magnet to the metal rather than trying to polarize the actual screwdriver, much stronger that way.) I needed a very small screw driver to reach into a small place and it is hard to find magnetized mini-screwdrivers. This probably isn't what they want at all, but it happened to me yesterday so I figured I'd post.

Re: Call for stories of 'alternative' uses of Geomag

PostPosted: Sun Jan 30, 2011 4:28 pm
by gregconquest
I was teaching English to an elementary school class of 4 Japanese students last week. I gave each one of them a tray of 27 bars and 18 balls. I had them count their pieces in English. Then I told them to take 3 bars and 3 balls and make a triangle. It was more challenging for them than I had imagined, but one girl who struggles with English excelled with the construction.

I then added more directions: "Take three more bars and one more ball and make a pyramid." "Break the pyramid." "Take for bars and four balls and make a square." Etc. etc. etc.

It was a good class. We were using words with the intention of physically manipulating real objects which is rarer than I'd like in EFL classes. I've only tried geomags in a lesson once so far, but it does have potential, and I intend to investigate further.

One amazing side effect of this was the girl who normally struggles in class was able to shine. She impressed her teacher, and I think it helped boost her self-esteem. It gave me a better sense of what kinds of avocations she should be working toward later in life as well.

Greg Conquest

Re: Call for stories of 'alternative' uses of Geomag

PostPosted: Sun Mar 11, 2012 12:45 pm
by ceccanicola
Hi Peter,
really i start to be a "very old teacher"! So, I never played with GEOMAG when I was a child, but now my students soon found a solution for my problem: represent as an object the chemical formulae i try to design on my blackboard. "Professore!" they said "be modern! USE GEOMAG!" Really i changed my face's colour, but with some small of your pieces i started to make real some concept like Chemical Bonds, Cristals, water molecule, aminoacids, sugars, enzymes, and many other things.
My life is really changed and all Chemistry and Sciences Teachers want use GEOMAG.
Now, our problem is: where we can find all GEOMAG we need? where we could find a Catalog?

Nicola G.G. CECCA
Teacher of Food Sciences
via Vanvitelli 1
Margherita di Savoia (BT) - Italy